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i’m alive. i even have a sneak peak.

hi, i’m here. believe it or not.

i recently posted on my facebook page a status update that went something like this “big huge butterflies in my stomach”. the truth is, i had ginormous, gigantic, humongus knots in it.

as a photographer, there is nothing more nerve wrecking than shooting another photographer. then add on top of that it being a photographer who you admire and love, and it’s all over.

i may or may not have prayed for rain, or even a car accident that day. but i am so very happy that my wishes weren’t granted.

here is just a little peak because i know that e is dying to see at least one. so for her, two.

plenty more where this came from!

elizabeth - butterflies be gone (but thank you for for your kind words).

I love them. LOVE. look at my kids all backlit and yummy!!!

I’m so glad there was no car accident, you didn’t get the flu or that a tsunami didn’t come and wash us all away. You know how important these are to me.

did I mention LOVE??September 14, 2010 – 9:50 am

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